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Sweet Tea Extract

English name: Sweet Tea Extract

Botanical name: Rubus suavissimus

Active ingredient: Rubusosides

Specification: 70% Rubusosides

Appearance: Light yellow powder

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1.Product Introduction

Sweet tea extract is derived from sweet tea, and Guangxi sweet tea is the most representative. Its various components have many health care functions, such as clearing heat and detoxifying, anti-cancer and anti-allergy, moistening lung and relieving cough, reducing weight and blood pressure, inhibiting and slowing vascular sclerosis, preventing coronary heart disease and diabetes. Sweet tea extract is rich in nutrients and micronutrients necessary for human body, and can also be used in plants beverage.



Product Name Sweet Tea Extract
Appearance & Color Fine light yellow powder
Specification 70% Rubusosides
Mesh Size NLT 90% through 80 mesh
Moisture Content NMT 5.0%
Ash Content NMT 5.0%
Heavy Metals NMT 10ppm
Arsenic (As) NMT 1ppm
Cadmium (Cd) NMT 1ppm
Mercury (Hg) NMT 0.1ppm
Lead (Pb) NMT 3ppm
Extract Solvent Grain alcohol/Water



Product function and application of sweet tea extract:

1, Sweet tea extract can activate human insulin, reduce blood lipid, blood glucose and cholesterol, has a good health effect, has a certain effect on diabetes and kidney disease patients;

2, Sweet tea extract has the effect of cough and expectorant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy;

3, Sweet tea extract sweet tea glycosides are sweet plant sweeteners with the best taste, because of its green natural, health and low heat, in food, beverage, cold food products, condiments, pharmaceutical industry, beauty cosmetics and other industries show good economic value.



ISO9001 / ISO22000 / Organic / Kosher / Halal, etc.



5.Manufacture Process



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