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Perilla Leaf Extract

English name: Perilla Leaf Extract
Botanical name: Perilla frutescens
Active ingredient: Sclareolide
Specification: 98% Sclareolide,12:1
Appearance: brown yellow to white powder

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Perilla Leaf Extract

 Product Introduction

Perilla leaf extract can be used for medicine and perfume. The main part of the medicine is stems, leaves and seeds. The leaves are sweating, antitussive, aromatic gastric diuretic, which has analgesic, sedative and detoxifying effects, and treats colds; the stem has the effect of calming qi and fetus; Zi can relieve cough , Expectorant, relieve asthma, diverge the dullness of spirit. The leaves are eaten again, and cooked with meat can increase the flavor of the latter. The oil squeezed from the seeds, called Suzi oil, is used for food and has antiseptic effect for industrial use.

Perilla Leaf Extract


1. Perilla leaf extract powder is mainly used to synthesize a natural substitute for ambergris, and also used in fragrance.

2. The product is a good tobacco flavoring and flavoring agent. In mixed cigarettes, the odor of crude tobacco products can be masked to improve and enhance the flavor quality, endow the tobacco with pleasant aroma characteristics, make the cigarette softer, and the alcohol sponge entrance is an effective aroma enhancer.

3. The sclareolide of perilla leaf extract powder can increase and improve the feeling of food and has been widely used in the food industry. It can be used in foods containing sweeteners as a flavoring agent to increase the odor effect of food. In the coffee industry, adding a small amount of sclareolide can increase the bitterness of coffee, improve the refreshing effect of coffee, and expand the scope of application .

4. In the absence of cardiovascular stimulation, when reducing body fat, sclareolide can help improve the quality of body weight loss, so it has been widely used in weight loss products. Certified by the United States, Japan and European countries, sclareolide can safely lose w-8 food additives.


Perilla Leaf Extract

Packing & Storage

Packaging of perilla leaf extract:

a. Sample package: 1kg/bag (1kg packed in an aluminum foil bag out with carton box)

b. Standard package: 25kg/drum.

Shipping Way: DHL, UPS, FedEx ,TNT, EMS, HONGKONG post.

Transportation time: DHL, UPS,FedEx, TNT need about 3-7 working days for delivery.

EMS and HONGKONG post may slower than that , HONGKONGPOST to USA need 10-15 work days, to some country may need 1 month.

Perilla Leaf Extract


Perilla Leaf Extract


Q1: What documents you provide?
We could provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of lading, COA , MSDS, Origin certificate.If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.


Q2: How about sample policy?

If we have the sample in stock.we will provide free sample to you.If we don’t have it in stock. then you should pay the sample fee.any way,the sample fee will pay back to you when you confirm the order.


Q3: How to confirm the perilla leaf extract powder quality before placing orders?

A:By sending you our available samples.Or if you have special requirement on the goods,we can prepare samples according to your requirement for your confirmation.




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